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Ever since the founding in 1962 Datamatik has acted as a representative for many of the major electronics manufacturers in the World. The company early became an important consultant/distributor of electronic components and systems to the Norwegian market.

Our first aim has always been to establish a good personal contact with all our customers and suppliers and by common effort we seek to provide our customers with best possible solutions. Our major customers are the Norwegian Defence, the Norwegian Telecom, the Police and Fire Brigade.

We supply communications equipment such as; transmission system, radios, antennas, GPS etc.

We hope that you will find the service we can provide of interest and please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.



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Månedens tilbud

DP3600, Digital Radio, 136-174 Mhz, IP57, Fullt tastatur
Digital radio, 160 kanaler, IP57, display og fullt tastatur. Leveres med 1300 mA..
DP4800, 136-174 MHz, MX antenne connector
Leveres med helical antenne 136-155 MHz, 1600 mAh Li-Ion batteri og quick referenc..