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Authenticated Radio Disable - Licence Key

Authenticated Radio Disable - Licence Key
Artikkelnr/ P/N: HKVN4382A
Kategori/ Category: Licenses
Fabrikat/ Manufact.:

This orders the Licence key to activate the Authenticated Radio Disable feature in a DP3441 / DP3441e / DP4x0x / DP4x0xe / DP4x01 Ex / DP4x01 Ex Ma / SL40x0 / SL40x0e / DM4x0x / DM4x0xe radio. This feature introduces an authentication procedure to ensure that target radios can only be disabled by authorised initiating radios/users. This feature needs to be activated in the target radios

SL4000/4010 , DM4000 , DP4x00 , DP4X01 ATEX , DP3441/3661 , DP4X01 MINING ATEX



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