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ArticleNo/ P/N: PMNN4412AR
Radiotype: DP2x00, DP4x00

*UTGÅR*Batteri, 1400 mAh, Ni-Mh, IP68.

NIMH 1400mAh CE Battery- Dimensions HxWxD(mm): 114.50 x 55.33 x 20.85, Weight(g): 210g, Chemistry: NiMH, Operational Time(Hrs): 10hrs approx (Digital), Capacity[mAH]: 1400mAh (Typical), Intelligent: N, No. of Charge cycle: 400, Energy Density (mAH/cm3): 10.7, Operating Tem Range (°c): -20 to +60, Memory Effect: Yes, Requires Maintenance: Yes, Intrinsic Safety Std: No Replaces PMNN4416BR.