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IMPRES Li-Ion 2900mAh UL-TIA4950 CE Battery

IMPRES Li-Ion 2900mAh UL-TIA4950 CE Battery
Artikkelnr/ P/N: PMNN4511A
Kategori/ Category: Motorola
Fabrikat/ Manufact.:

Dimensions L x W x H (mm) : 95.80 x 55.70 x 23.55 Weight (g) : 154 (Typ), 157 (Max) Operational Time (Hrs) : 26.5 (Digital), 20 (Analog) No. of Charge cycles : 300 Capacity (mAh) : 2900 (typ) Energy Density (Wh/m3) : 171.178 Operating Temp Range (°C) : -20 ~ 60 Chemistry: Li Ion Intelligent: IMPRES IP Rating: IP68 Memory Effect: No Requires Maintenance: No Intrinsic Safety Std: TIA4950 NOTE: Applicable only to DP3441e/DP3661




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