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4.0 OPTION, WAVE 5000 Server
ArticleNo/ P/N: SQM01SUM0284B
Radiotype: DR3000, MTR3000, SLR1000, SLR5000, SLR8000

4.0 OPTION, WAVE 5000 Server

The WAVE 5000 hardware consists of non redundant HP Gen 9 DL 380 hardware, ESXi (VMware), two Windows 2008 Server OS licenses, and one Red Hat Linux OS license which includes configuration hosting (3) virtual machines to support the WAVE 5000 Management & WAVE 5000 Media Server, WAVE 5000 Proxy Server & OpenSIPs Server. It supports up to 500 users. If the provisioned user count exceeds 500 WAVE Mobile Communicator users, a customized hardware configuration is required. Note: This server is not required when WAVE is configured with a brand-new ASTRO 7.16 system as the ASTRO 7.16 core ships with a shared server that supports the same 500 concurrent user configuration as the standalone WAVE server above.