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5.4 Trbonet Plus AES-256 Encryption
ArticleNo/ P/N: GMVN6095A
Radiotype: DM2000, DM4000, DP2x00, DP3441/3661, DP4x00, DP4X01 ATEX, DR3000, MTR3000, SL4000/4010

5.4 Trbonet Plus AES-256 Encryption

he AES-256 Encryption module enables AES 256-bit encryption in TRBOnet PLUS dispatcher. With AES active, the voice dispatch and voice recording will be able to participate in private and group calls with AES-enabled MOTOTRBO radios. AES can be configured to either be active for the entire system, or not active for the entire system. One module is to be purchased.