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Basic Certification

Prerequisite: None

Course Contents
Basic introduction of DMR systems, specifically Motorola’s Mototrbo Technology for DMR Market
Analogue vs Digital DMR systems
TDMA Technology vs FDMA Technology
Motorola’s Mototrbo Infrastructure
R 1.7 Enhancements, upcomming Releases
Basic Theoratical Presentations of Different Modes of Operation:
-Direct Mode
-Repeater Mode
-IP Site Connect Mode
-Capacity Plus Mode
-DMM Mode
CPS Familiarization (Installation, Set-up, Basic Paramaters etc)
Emergency Systems Configuartion
Practical demonstration on Datamatik’s Demo Infrastructure
Basic Hands-on programming Tasks
Sales case studies
How to enter into the market from a sales prospective
Sale success factors

Certification Diploma

All successful candidates will be awarded with Datamatik’s¨ Mototrbo Basic Accredited Resseller Certificates¨. This course lays a solid foundation for candidates, and will enable them to take up further intense Certifications.