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Professional Certification

Good knowledge of DMR systems, specifically Mototrbo or Datamatik’s ¨Mototrbo Basic
Accredited Reseller Certified¨.

Course Contents
The topics to be addressed are stated hereunder. PS! Topics could vary a bit and the list will be updated as new features and functionalities are are launched by Motorola.
Basic introduction
R 1.7 Enhancements & upcomming Releases
In Depth Theoratical presentations of Different Modes of Operation, including Practical Demonstration & CPS Programming for each mode:
-Direct Mode
-Repeater Mode
-IP Site Connect Mode
-Capacity Plus Mode
-DMM Mode
Capacity Planning
Emergency System Configuration
Migration Strategies from Analogue to Digital Systems
Tx Interrupt Feature
RDAC configuration & Operation
Remote Repeater programming
Enhanced GPS Functionality
Detiled Hands on Programming Tasks comprising of complete Mototrbo Infrastructure in different Modes Simultaneously. Testing towards an external Mototrbo system will also be performed.
Certification Diploma

All successful candidates will be awarded with Datamatik’s ¨Mototrbo Professional Accredited Resseller Certificates¨.