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Datamatik has organised its ¨Competance Building Centre¨ focusing on Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and TETRA Systems. The goal is to provide quailty training sessions to our reseller network , and to keep them up to date with the upcomming technologies. The courses at Datamatik are free for participants and includes course materials and lunch. Travel expenses, costs for events and other expenses are covered individually by the course participants.
The training model will follow a step-wise and practical approach in order to obtain excellent results. The certification program is been categorised mainly in 2 market segments MotoTrbo & TETRA, where each having its own levels of competance.

Mototrbo Certification programme
This programme is module based, and follows a gradual technical growth pattern to fulfill the diverse technical needs of each individual participants. A brief summary of the certification courses is stated hereunder. For detailed information please follow the respective certification links. This programme has three sub-categories:

Basic Certification (2-day Course)
This is a beginner course, and provides comprehensive knowledge of Digital Mobile Radio- DMR technology. It focuses on Motorola’s MotoTrbo Solution for DMR Market Segment. The course is sub-divided in to three major portions, Theoratical Presentation of Mototrbo Technology and familiarization with CPS, Practical Demonstration & Basic hands-on programming tasks to be performed by each and every individual, including programming of terminals and infrastructure. The beginner course also includes a guidance and presentation how to sell the digital solutions into the market.

Professional Certification (2-day Course)
This is an intense course, and is specifically designed for resellers having good prior knowledge of DMR technology. The basic certification is strongly recommended before signing up for this course although not a prerequisite. This course covers diverse technical topics in detail like, R1.7 enhancements, different modes of operation (IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Dual Mode Operation etc), remote Repeater programming, Capacity Planning, TX interrupt and many more, including detailed CPS programming & practical demonstration. In addition the participants will programme the complete Mototrbo infrastructure in each and every mode of operation simultaneously, and will test it additionaly towards remote demo equipment.

Expert certification (2-day Course)
This certification is designed for advanced MotoTrbo Users, and solely focuses on Mototrbo Applications. Our Application Partners ( TrboNet, Zonith, Teldio & Kilchherr) take the privilige to introduce themselves, and elaborate the Digital Solutions they provide. The course is based on in detail Theoratical Presentations comprising of Product Portfolios, Technical Solutions, Pre-deployed Business Cases and Practical Experiences . Second part comprises of Practical Demonstrations of Application Installation, Configuration & Usage. In addition Hands-on tasks to be performed by each participant.